Baby Driver is a Joyride for All Says Most

Posted 07/17/2017 2833

If you are up for a fun, exasperating film packed with frills and thrills from start to end - Baby Driver fits the bill for taking you on an incredible "joyride." It is receiving rave reviews and is pleasantly witty, forthright, and ultimately engaging.

The film's title leaves a lot to the imagination - and is very misleading to the type of concept it is bringing to the audience. One might think and assume without seeing the initial movie trailer that it is such as "Look Who's Talking" or "Baby's Day Out," but it is not about a baby after all.

This movie directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) focuses on a young man that serves as a killer get-away, driver - and alas his nickname is BABY (hence, Baby Driver.)


The storyline is not one that has not already been witnessed in other films from the past - but it is one that brings light to a league of new innovative film-making approaches that actually comes across as pure genius!

The way that the plot from beginning to end unfolds and transpires is truly amazing and from the majority - it is done so well that it triumphs the last few Fast and the Furious movies. Kevin Spacey plays the role of the Godfather of criminals, Doc. Doc robs banks, armored vehicles, and stages profitable heists - and Ansel Elgort (Baby) is his driver.

The reason Baby serves Doc this manner is because when he was just a teenager he interfered with one of Doc's heists and is now indebted to him. Baby is an orphan that endured a horrific traffic accident that caused the deaths of both of his parents. It was this accident that resulted in a constant ringing in his ears (also known as tinnitus.)

In order to cope with the tinnitus, Baby is always listening to songs on his iPod. There is only one more heist and then Baby's debt is paid in full and he is free to live a crime-free life. Baby has set his eyes on a waitress played by Lily James (Deborah) and they court eachother by flirting and sharing their love of music. However, Doc is not yet ready to let go of Baby, so he uses Deborah as leverage to pull Baby right back in where he wants him. There is also another entourage of criminals involved in the thread of Doc's business including Eiza Gonzales (Darling) and Jon Hamm (Buddy), Jamie Foxx as Bats, a crazy rage-aholic.

One of the best elements that make this movie even more entertaining than the plot, action and thrills is the coupling of the scenes with some righteous soundtracks.

The music choices make this movie all the more enjoyable. Although this movie crosses some boundaries some may feel that is too violent, Baby Driver captures a world of crime that is interesting, entertaining, and engaging. But... this is the type of masterpiece that could only be directed by mastermind - Edgar Wright. Why would we not expect anything less...