First Kill: Good Flick for Limited Audiences

Posted 07/25/2017 3400

"First Kill" made its limited debut against "Valerian and a Thousand Cities" and "Dunkirk" this weekend - but is not faring too bad after garnering decent receipt from audiences across America.

Directed by Steven C. Miller, "First Kill" involves a man, Will, played by Hayden Christenson (Aniken Skywalker, Star Wars) who wants to re-establish a relationship with his family and son, Danny (Ty Shelton.)

He finds out his "too much" work ethics has really strained his relationship with his kid and also discovers that his 11-year old is the target of some very cruel bullying in school (which, he himself also relates to as he experienced bullies in school.)

To try to repair the broken relationships and to boost his son's confidence, he decides to take his family on a hunting trip at an old cabin he often visited as a child.

However, the trip soon gets dangerous as while Will and Danny are out hunting together, they encounter and witness a band of criminals and in self-defense, Will murders one of them leading the other one to use it as leverage - and Danny gets kidnapped.

To get his son back, Will is required by the robber (Levi played by Gethin Anthony) to recover the key that unlocks the vault holding up to 2 million dollars worth of stolen goods - while he is also evading (Bruce Willis) - the Police chief looking for the robbers. 

(Bruce Willis) the Police Chief and Will go way back and have known eachother since Will just a lad. After the kidnapping of Danny, the police chief gets more suspicious of how strange and evasive, Will is behaving.

And the game of cat/mouse begins. In the meantime, ironically - Danny is bonding with Levi as they share a passion for video games. It is later discovered that Levi is not a hardened criminal, just a guy trying to come up with funds to finance his mother in' law's tumor-removal surgery.

There is viable reason why this film is only being shown to limited audiences - its more cliche' of a "Law and Order" TV show episode than it is credible as a featured cinematic film achievement worthy of a grand debut in theaters all over the world.

Although it is not as bad as some of the films that have gotten hard critic reviews, it still consists of a story and plot that's turns and twists can be predicted from 10 miles away.

There is much cinematic glory to this film either, and there is only one single scene that involves a little bit of "thrills and suspense" where there is a chase and a stand off (but, we won't spoil this for you as it is actually the end and the best part of the film.)

All of the actors do a fine job including (Willis) known for his Die Hard movies and (Christenson) stereo-typed for his role as Aniken Skywalker in the previous Star Wars films. However, the one that actually shines in this film is Gethin Anthony as Levi.