Snatched: Underestimated Mother/Daughter Flick

Posted 09/02/2017 1332

Snatched was an early Summer Movie that didn't quite garner much acclaim from critics. However, it's recent release to video has rebirthed it's reputation as more and more audiences are calling 'Snatched', hillariousness at its best!

Directed by Jonathon Levine (The Night Before), Snatched stars award-winning actress, Goldie Hawn as Linda, and comedian Amy Schumer as her daughter, Emily.

This mother/daughter pair already have their vast differences and personal issues. And things get even worse when Emily loses her job and is jilted by her boyfriend the night before taking off for a vacation to Ecuador - she has no choice but to convince her mother to join her for the adventure. Why lose the ticket?

So after much hesitation from her apprehensive, boring, paranoid, negative-thinking mom who is now in the worst lackluster, mind-set after retiring - the two set off for their vacay for two weeks. Even despite Linda's warnings that something bad is going to happen. And of course.. it does!

It is not long before they arrive at their hotel, when they stumble on the likes of 2 weird women sitting pool-side (Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes who by the way are hillarious together) who also provided them with fair warning about what could possibly happen to them if they travel outside the resort's seclusion.

They decide to risk it, and in no time at all they are kidnapped and held by their captors for ransom. They do manage to escape, but are dealt with one dilemma after another as they travel to the American Embassy which is located in Bogata, Columbia.

In the meantime, antics ensue, both argue, make-up, work-together and there are some incredibly funny parts that make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.

Often times there is no smooth transitions between scenes, and the road (no pun intended) gets a little bumpy at times, but Amy and Goldy work at it to bring the audience back to the point of the film- to make you laugh at what life sometimes throws at you.

"Snatched" is an underestimated film - that was overshadowed by some of the more popular films. But none the same both actresses Goldy and Amy do a valiant job at playing their eccentric characters with every bit of the flaws they intended them to have.

This movie makes you appreciate Goldy Hawn in a light that rekindles what made her so endearing to watch in movies such as "Bird on a Wire" and "Overboard."

And in some scenes her interaction with Emily (Amy Schumer) reminds you what she must have been like as a mother for actress (Kate Hudson.) It is nice to see her on the big screen, but it would be nicer seeing her star with Kate as a mother/daughter duo both onscreen and off.

 Amy does a fine job of bringing out her comedic savvy in this movie, but it is Goldy that actually garners the most laugh out loud moments. This movie is very entertaining as you watch the dynamics of Amy and Goldy that really embrace who each person is as a character and as an actress.

You will appreciate it when you watch it, but it is probably better off that you did not have to purchase a ticket to see it in theaters.